Connect your administration with Payt!

We have many different links and integrations with various companies. By integrating directly to various companies and bookkeeping software packages we are able to offer more features

Bookkeeping software


Seriously easy accounting for small businesses in Europe. With the ready to use connection with Payt, you can be set up within an hour.


The world’s number one used bookkeeping software has an automated connection with Payt. We can support you with your set up or you can do it yourself.


Long-standing accounting software, Twinfield has a diverse user group. Through close cooperation with Twinfield, new functionalities are quickly integrated between Payt and Twinfield.

Exact Online

Exact Online is widely used in countries like Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands. With an automated connection between Exact Online and Payt, you easily implement Payt within an hour.

Exact Globe

Exact Globe is Exact’s on-premise accounting software designed for larger enterprises. A seamless API integration with Payt can be easily achieved through our Exact implementation partner.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

By utilizing an API integration between MS Dynamics 365 Finance and Payt, you are ready for seamless operation.


User-friendly and comprehensive standard software for SMEs. For the integration between AccountView and Payt, a standard API connector is available.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central is Microsoft’s cloud bookkeeping software program. Set yourself up within an hour.


Entrepreneurs choose Moneybird because it is user-friendly, works quickly and lets you enjoy your accounting. Setting up a connection with Payt is a piece of cake. Be up and running within an hour.

Björn Lundén

By linking Payt to Björn Lundén you will ensure that your invoicing and accounts receivable management will be automated as much as possible.


Complete accounting saves you time, gives you insight and control. Ideal for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. The automated connection with Payt makes it easy to connect Payt to your Reeleezee administration.


Bookkeeping software for SME’s. Create your invoices in Snelstart and we will send your invoices with easy payment methods. If invoices become overdue, we will follow up automatically.

Exact Boekhoudgemak

Exact Boekhoudgemak (formerly known as Software Gemak and Multivers) provides surprisingly intelligent software solutions for SMEs and the corporate market. It can be seamlessly integrated with Payt through an API for a comprehensive solution.

This online bookkeeping program has a fully integrated connection with Payt. Set up yourself in an hour.


Create your invoices and do your bookkeeping with Yuki. With the automated connection between Payt and Yuki, you can easily set yourself up for professional debtor management.


You can link Payt with your own administration in sevDesk. And if you also create your invoices in sevDesk, you can even get started within an hour. We are happy to prove how easy our software is. You can link Payt yourself with sevDesk in Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Ireland.

CRM software


With Alure CRM software you can easily create your invoices. Through a connection with Payt, these invoices are combined with your bookkeeping software program. This way, we can follow up on your overdue invoices


Software specifically built for the childcare sector. After creating invoices in Flexkids we will add a payment button and a contact button to the invoice. And of course, organise a consistent follow up if necessary


We offer a wide range of innovative services and time-saving solutions, which are mainly aimed at making the work in your organisation easier and offering more overview. Your business processes are our starting point. This gives you more time to steer your organisation based on facts and you can be even more successful with your company


Specialised in child planning, Kindplanner also generates invoices. With a connection, we send your invoices and organise a consistent follow up on overdue invoices


A full ERP system from purchase to sale. Create your invoices and do your bookkeeping in Prodist, and we will organise your debtor management for you


A CRM system specialised in accountancy companies. With a connection, we send your invoices and organise a consistent follow up on overdue invoices


Started as a CRM software company, Simplicate now delivers full ERP functionality. After creating invoices in Simplicate, we will gladly follow up on overdue invoices


Full CRM functionality including invoicing. After creating invoices in Teamleader, we will gladly follow up on overdue invoices


Dutch invoicing platform. After creating invoices in Wefact, we will gladly follow up on overdue invoices


Jaamo’s innovative integration with Payt makes debtor management even easier. Parents can pay quickly and easily using, for example, iDeal or a QR code.

Integration partners

Of course, we do not only make and supply the extensive range of functionalities ourselves. Payt has many integration partners. We would like to name them because they play an important role in our software


Prevent bad debt positions through credit scores on your active business customers with Graydon. In addition to structured follow up of your outstanding invoices, you can also enrich your administration with debtor information. This will warn you if a debtor’s creditworthiness deteriorates


Through the collaboration with New10, you can finance open invoices at an attractive interest rate of 5% to 7% annually


Quick assessment and money on your account within 24 hours for credits up to 150K. With Floryn and Payt you can easily include flexible business credit into your debtor management


PAY. is a payment service provider in the Netherlands. It processes many iDEAL transactions. A specific PAY. feature is that all iDEAL transactions are transferred directly into our client’s bank accounts. This makes automated reconciliation very easy


Mollie has been processing payment transactions for Payt for years in the Netherlands. And we have also added their direct debit functionality

Registered Email

Registered Email sends registered emails for us. This is much more reliable and cheaper than traditional registered mail


For years, BPM has provided automated links between accounting packages that are not part of our standard links and Payt. We are happy to put you in touch with BPM for any integration whatsoever


d-Basics is familiar with most bookkeeping software packages. They will help you organise an automated connection with your bookkeeping software if we do not already have a standard connection

Blue People IT

Get the most out of your Exact solution with Payt’s debtor software. Blue People IT helps you with smart debtor management using Payt’s software. Their advisers help you design the process and make financial choices. The automated debtor management is tailored to your company-specific situation


A payment service provider delivering worldwide and local payment methods. Integrate Stripe with our debtor management software and we will make it easy for your customers to pay their open invoices


Even if your invoice with Payt is not (fully) paid, we are successful in the subsequent collection, because we use a direct and individual approach in the procedure. The best and most effective way for quick payment is direct contact with the debtor. This is, where our priority lies.


Are you working with Exact Online and want to take quick steps to improve your accounts receivable management? Then link your Exact Online administration to Payt’s smart software with our partner Auxil.



Activaa is an accountant who helps unburdening entrepreneurs. If you are ambitious and you need an accountant? Activaa is happy to help you


Entrepreneurs know why is their slogan. Based in the Southwest of Holland, they support their customers with a wide variety of services


Fiscount offers support to accountancy and administration and tax advisory firms in areas that they do not have or insufficiently possess themselves


As an innovative and progressive organisation, we like to apply the latest trends and opportunities in accountancy. Only if it is to your advantage, of course, and personal contact is guaranteed

Visser & Visser

At Visser & Visser we believe in cooperation. An up-to-date insight into your company is our starting point, innovation is our shared strength. Our professionals make the connection between people and data because innovation brings us further together



“We want to exceed your expectations every day” is their motto. If your invoices are not paid after our debt collection process, this bailiff is happy to help you

Van Houwelingen and Partners

This bailiff will help you with a judicial collection if your invoices are not paid after our debt collection process



If you are looking for judicial advice in the Netherlands, MICTA can help you. Specialised in ICT and intellectual property rights. If your invoices are not paid after many reminders, MICTA can help