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The connection gives you peace and space to grow your business

Do you have little to no opportunities for growth due to insufficient cash flow or financial space? As an entrepreneur you naturally want to grow your business. More customers, more orders and getting paid faster. The latter turns out to be a challenge in itself. Payt and New10 have the solution that makes it easier to arrange all your invoices and immediately get financing available. This collaboration allows you to pre-finance your outstanding invoices. You retain all control over the invoices, but have the money in your house earlier. New10 provides the financing via a link with the Payt software, starting at 5% interest per year. The financing is especially suitable for companies with a low risk profile. New10 uses the data from the Payt platform and can therefore offer you flexible credit on attractive terms.
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The advantages of the connection between New10 and Payt

Payt's integration partners

We are able to offer a number of functionalities with the integrations with our partners

Financing and creditworthiness

Financing of invoices, so that you will receive your cash faster. And you simply check the credit score of your debtors in your own dashboard

Integrations and payment options

Any integration is possible with Payt, if the system is not already linked! And you simply offer various payment options

About New10

Payt works with various partners to offer the best debtor management software. In doing so, we offer additional functionalities that help you with efficient debtor management, faster payments and better cash flow. Think of: various payment methods, pre-financing of invoices, sending documents by email or checking the creditworthiness of your active debtors. Payt is linked to almost every accounting package and can provide almost any other link as desired. This in collaboration with various coupling partners. You have all relevant data, insights and functionalities in one place. With the aim of efficient and smart debtor management.

New10, a subsidiary of ABN AMRO, provides financing for your debtors with a business credit at an attractive interest rate and no additional collateral. You always have access to your credit and determine when you withdraw and repay. Very nice: you do not have to switch from bank for this financing.

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Customer stories

logo Quooker
Quooker was looking for a 'total solution' for efficient accounts receivable management. The choice for Payt led to an unprecedented number of payments within a very short time.
log fdw
Payt has just been amazing for Laura (credit controller at UHY). "And it's the people, that's what has made it. It is an automated system with people behind it". In this video you'll find out what that means.
logo Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen broke its own record with the collection of payments using Payt. Curious how? Read it in this customer story
Jean-Paul Heunks

Jean-Paul Heunks

Head of Financial Administration

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