Payment follow up software

Following up on invoices is a time-consuming activity. With Payt, this intensive job is a thing of the past.
Screenshot of the Payt software where you can see an overview of the outstanding invoices. Save time to follow them up automatically.

Get paid with collections software

Payt accounts receivable management software will automatically start a reminder process with you in full control. From the first outstanding invoice until the last reminder. You can save up to 80% of your valuable time, that you normally spend on accounts receivable management. Payt enables you to manage your collection process seamlessly with advanced credit collection software.
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E-invoicing software benefits

Following up on outstanding invoices is a time-consuming activity. With Payt you drastically reduce time spent questioning invoices for example
You remain in full control of the debtor process. Do you want to temporarily suspend a claim? Arranged with one click. Want to send an outstanding payment reminder sms to your customers? On it!
Consistent credit management ensures better cash flow. With automation you do not have to worry about follow ups
Via an online dashboard - linked to your accounting software - you can easily follow the status of invoicing
Screenshot of the software of Payt where you can see how your debtor will be reminded and the possibility to start a payment plan.
Two developers of Payt working on the software opposite to each other
"Customers can easily log into the Payt environment themselves. They know exactly what they can expect from us: from the first invoice to the final reminder, our process is perfectly streamlined."
logo company Health2Work
Health2Work has been using Payt for years. Their cash flow improved and the communication with debtors suddenly went smoothly. How? Read it in this customer story.
Heine de Bruin

Heine de Bruin

Co-Owner and managing director

E-invoicing solutions for your business

Payt offers cash collection software for suitable for all types of business. Entrepreneurs, SMEs or multinationals- no number of invoices is too crazy. Do you send tens, thousands or even millions of invoices? Then, the invoice collection software of Payt is perfect for your business. Organise the process tightly and start reminding your customers of outstanding invoices.

E-invoicing functionalities

Invoice reminder software

Due to the link with your payment service provider, an online payment is registered automatically and marked as paid

Invoice automation

Does your customer not pay you before the due date? Then Payt software will automatically start a reminder process. This can consist of emails, text messages and printed reminders

Outstanding payment reminder sms

Send your customer an SMS to remind them of any outstanding invoice

Multiple payment methods

Offer different types of payment methods to make it as easy as possible for your customer to pay their invoices
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