‘Automation’ and ‘a good customer relationship’ seem to be opposites. The image of automation is often that it is impersonal: a computer takes over human work. But when you perform the automation of your debtor management correctly, it will get you paid faster, saves you a lot of work and it does contribute to the relationship with your customer
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Automated Follow Up
Payt will automatically start a reminder process with you in full control. From the first outstanding invoice until the last reminder. You can save up to 80% of your valuable time with this feature.
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By consistently bringing invoices to their attention, Payt keeps the communication with your debtor going which ensures better payment behaviour.
Man paying an invoice with his creditcard via his laptop
Payment Services
Our software offers different payment methods. You can integrate Paypal or Credit Card payment in the invoices and in the reminders. This makes the payment of the invoice as easy as possible.
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Payment Plans
A payment plan often is preferable to a collection process. With our smart software you can set up a payment plan easily.
Screenshot of the software of Payt where you can see how to make internal notes easily
Internal Notes
Efficient accounts receivable management hinges on communication. In Payt, you can easily make notes, ensuring that your colleagues are always informed.
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Credit Scores
In our smart software we provide you with information about the creditworthiness of your business debtors. We do this by notifying you via your dashboard in the software when debtors decrease in their credit score
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With PEPPOL and Payt you automatically enter your invoices in the accounting program of your debtor. This feature saves you a lot of manual processing.
Screenshot of the software of Payt where you can see how you can finance your outstanding invoices
You can organise financing of your outstanding invoices via the Payt application. For this, Payt has entered into a partnership with Floryn. Easy to apply and at a low interest rate
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