Payt for the dental care industry

Save up to 80% on your factoring costs or on your valuable time, which you currently spend on accounts receivable management
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Get paid faster and easier

As an oral care professional, you can also benefit from all the convenience that Payt offers. For example, you can have your invoices paid via various payment methods, automatically send reminders by email and automatically make a copy of the invoice available to your customer. The matching is also neatly automated in your accounting software. It’s all possible with Payt accounts receivable management software.

Getting your invoices paid is therefore no longer time consuming (if you do your accounts receivable management yourself) or unnecessarily expensive (if you let this go through a factoring partner).

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A selection of advantages for the dental care industry

Because of smart automation, you get your money paid significantly faster. This is based on the automatic addition of various payment methods to your invoices and the immediate receipt of payments on your account
Let our software work for you. We unburden you completely or partially. It is a trade-off between utility and cost. You decide
We would like to calculate for you how much you can save compared to your current situation. In most situations, we can save up to 80% on your annual billing costs
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How it works

Payt connects with your dental practice management software for practice automation.

Your invoices are automatically placed neatly in your accounting package and in your Payt environment.

The invoices are sent from your company and with your company logo. Your customer can choose a payment method that suits him or her. Payments will of course come directly to your bank account. No third-party money account, no pooled payments, no delays.

The checking of your invoices, with the help of the bank link in your accounting package, is also easily automated. All invoices that are not paid on time are automatically followed up from your Payt environment. You do no longer have to worry about this.

It may be that a customer has a substantive question about the invoice or wants to make a payment arrangement. These reports end up neatly in a portal. We can take care of customer questions for you, but your assistant(s) or yourself can do the same. In other words; you determine which parts you want to purchase. We can completely unburden you with automated accounts receivable management.

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