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Discover the convenience of Payt's debt management software

Payt automates the credit management of your organization. Send fully automated invoices and reminders.
Discover the convenience of Payt's debt management software

Insight into your credit management

Payt automates the credit management of your organization, from the first invoice to the final reminder. This way you get a grip on your credit management. You can see at a glance what the outstanding balance is, in which phase of the invoicing process a customer goes and which invoices require action. Print out management reports or transfer a file to a bailiff? It is all possible.

Automatic invoicing and reminding

With Payt you remind your debtors on a structural basis of outstanding invoices. This ensures continuity in the debtor process and better payment behavior of your customers: they know exactly when they will receive an invoice or reminder from you. You determine the process, the lead time and the way in which you remind a customer of the outstanding invoice. Do you want to pause, stop or make a payment arrangement in the meantime? That too is possible.

In dialogue with your customer

Payt brings structure to communication with your debtors. In this way, the continuity of correspondence provides clarity. Does your customer have a question or comment about the invoice? Then Payt's communication platform facilitates the dialogue by offering you the opportunity to exchange ideas with your customers at the invoice level. This enables you to find out why a customer does not pay his or her invoice and to respond appropriately.

Payt's software makes credit management fun again.

Whatever you make, whatever you deliver. Get it. Payt.

Lower outstanding balance

Clarity and continuity in the debtor process ensure better payment behavior for your customers. As a result, you realize a lower outstanding balance, better cash flow and high liquidity.

Maintaining control

Do you want to pause or stop a process in the meantime, for example because you have made an appointment with your client? Which can. You retain complete control over the debtor process.

Custom flows

With Payt you determine the flows of your debtor process yourself. For example, you decide what the lead time of invoices should be and through which channels your customer should be reminded of outstanding invoices.

Notes and calendar function

Record a (call) note, receive a reminder if an invoice expires or make a note for a colleague: the note and agenda function helps you with this.

Partner links

Whether you use an accounting package, administration software or an invoicing program: Payt connects with almost all software providers.

Real-time reports

You always have access to real-time reports via Payt. You can see at a glance the outstanding debtor balance, the status of invoices and which invoices require action.

Personal and non-binding consultation

Curious about what Payt can do for your organization? We are happy to tell you in a personal consultation.