Payt Certified Partner Program

Good for your office and for your customers
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Help your customers with smart finances

Are your clients experiencing problems getting their invoices paid? Become a Payt Certified Partner and help your customers with a structured debtor process, so that they can fully focus on their company. Expand your services to your customers with the implementation and use of Payt, even if you want to implement your customer’s credit management.

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Fully automated credit management

Payt automates your customer’s debtor process and your customer retains complete control. A structured, worry-free process, while maintaining personal contact

More time for your business

Payt automatically reminds your customer’s debtors of outstanding invoices, so that your customer can focus on more important matters. Better for your customer and for the relationship with debtors

Faster payments

Communication and continuity are essential for better payment behaviour of your debtors. Payt brings structure to your customer’s credit management and facilitates dialogue with them
“As a progressive office, we are happy to respond to new developments. Using Payt provides us with fully automated debt management and accelerated cash flow. With that we make a major increase in efficiency. The use of Payt also has advantages for our customers: faster and more simple credit management, fully automatic, greater insight and the possibility to interact in an online environment.”
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From the end of last year, accountancy firm Visser & Visser has been using Payt software for its debtor management. Since then, the payment behaviour has changed
Timo van Houdt

Timo van Houdt

Implementation Specialist

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Payt Certified Partners take advantage of these benefits

Offering credit management fits seamlessly into the new services that you as an accountant want to offer nowadays
As a partner, you can properly advise your client, with the knowledge you have of Payt and the financial situation of your client, about the introduction and use of Payt
Certified partners can communicate directly with Payt via a premium support channel
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