Why use Payt?

You and your customer always deserve the best, even when it comes to credit management. Payt offers the best possible software for large multinationals and small and medium-sized companies. No hassle, but simplicity and clarity.
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Our mission

At Payt we believe that customers are willing to pay the invoices for products and services delivered. Sometimes payment is not made on time for all kinds of reasons. Then communication is very important. Our mission is to provide the best possible financial software for you and your customer. No hassle, but simplicity and clarity. In this way, we connect you and your debtor and ensure that payments are faster and easier.
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Why Payt works

Faster payment

Our smart cloud software enables you to get your invoices paid 30% faster

Save valuable time

Automating your credit management with Payt means that you save 80% of your time

Increase customer satisfaction

Our software provides more payment convenience and ensures customers can easily make contact about outstanding invoices

Stay in control

You decide when and how to remind your debtors

Comprehensive certification

Our data management and security policy are externally certified (ISO 27001), reviewed regularly and top priority at Payt
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Get your debtor management automated

The old way

Many companies know the periodic process of updating the accounts receivable with the most current invoice and payment information. Printing and envelope stuffing invoices, calling customers and sending reminders are all tasks that are time consuming, labor intensive, and not very effective.

Payt debtor management software

With our smart debtor management software, these repetitive tasks are all automated, leaving you better able to focus on more important issues. Our software automatically reminds your customers of any outstanding invoice. Consistency from the first invoice to the last reminder with you in complete control of the process.

Quick insights

In the Payt platform you can immediately see what the outstanding balance is, in which phase of the billing process a customer is and which invoices require action.
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Consistent follow up

Your debtors are structurally reminded of outstanding invoices. Consistency in this is very important for good payment behavior of your debtors.

You determine the process, the lead time and the way in which you remind a customer of the outstanding invoice.

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Easy contact with your customer

We structure the communication with your debtors. In the Payt communication portal, every debtor has the option to leave a message. This allows you to quickly find out why a customer has a problem with an outstanding invoice and to respond to the customer immediately.
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