Payt for the education sector

Payt ensures, among other things, an improvement in payment behaviour among students coupled with time and cost savings for the education sector
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Put students first

At Payt we understand that as an educational institution you put students first and treat them differently than many other businesses. For this reason, our smart automation software for accounts receivable management offers a selection of options, made specifically for educational institutions. Payt ensures, among other things, an improvement in payment behaviour among students coupled with time and cost savings. Read all about our options here or download our brochure.
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A selection of advantages for the eduction sector

School holiday period? Press the ‘holiday button’ and Payt will not send payment reminders to your students. Any new invoices will of course, still be sent
Payt supports multiple languages, so you can also set up your messages and portal to be presented in French, German or Dutch
Students or their parents can propose a payment arrangement via the Payt customer portal As a result, starting up collection processes is often no longer necessary
Payt offers the option to automatically alert students by text message and/or email that the tuition fees will be debited shortly and that therefore their bank balance must be sufficient
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Alfa-college is counting on (and with) Payt

Jeroen van der Ster prepared the invoices, printed them out, folded them in half and then put them neatly in an envelope: the accounts receivable manager of the Alfa-college had a special job before the arrival of Payt. But no matter how well this man did his job; processing more than 13,000 invoices manually is not only pretty inefficient, but also error-prone and time-consuming. When the educational institution came into contact with Payt, they could not help but be enthusiastic. "On the one hand, we save time and money on the process and on the other hand, Payt ensures better payment behavior for our customers."
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Students at Alfa-college can view the status of their invoices in real time online. They can pay their tuition fee much quicker and easier. Read it here.
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Jeroen van der Ster

Director of Operations

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