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For the German-speaking market and beyond

If your invoices are not paid in Germany, in some cases a Dutch collection procedure does not suffice. And if it does suffice, that does not mean you will receive your money. In those cases, it may be smart to use Creditreform. Creditreform can deal with your invoice from the amicable collection stage onwards. They will also proceed with a judicial process in consultation with you. This way, you are also covered for the German market.

About the integration between Payt and Creditreform

With the unique integration between Payt and Creditreform, you can easily forward unpaid invoices to Creditreform. To do this, you sign a contract with Creditreform Bocholt, so that they can handle your invoices on your behalf. Once your customer number at Creditreform has been entered into our system, you can automatically or manually forward these invoices to Creditreform from within Payt. You are also informed within Payt of the progress at Creditreform regarding this invoice. We process daily status updates in the timeline so that you are always up to date. 

About Creditreform (specialist for international debt collection)

As one of the largest players in Europe in the field of risk management, we specialize in extrajudicial collection of your outstanding invoices throughout Europe or worldwide. We make every effort to get your invoices paid before entering the legal phase. Of course we know that we approach your customers for late payment, but we do this in a respectful and professional manner, which always means that the customer is happy to come back to you and for your services. Even if your invoice with Payt is not (fully) paid, we are successful in the subsequent collection, because we use a direct and individual approach in the procedure. The best and most effective way for quick payment is direct contact with the debtor. This is, where our priority lies. If you choose us as your debt collection partner, we will contact you immediately to discuss everything and to further explain the process and establish the preferences, as the unpaid invoices then come to us directly through Payt.

The benefits in a nutshell

1. Complete care via Payt and Creditreform.

2. Simple automatic or manual initiation of a collection process.

3. Automatic feedback of the status at Creditreform in Payt.

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Jean-Paul Heunks

Jean-Paul Heunks

Head of Financial Administration

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