Communicate consistently about invoices

In Payt, you can easily communicate with your customers regarding invoices. If there is an error on an invoice, your customer can contact you through the customer portal. You will receive these inquiries within Payt and can respond promptly. This helps improve your customers' payment behavior.
Screenshot of the Payt software where you can see how you can send a message to your debtor about the invoice

Insight into reasons

Payt keeps the communication with your debtor going. This makes an invoice a point of contact in the customer experience and ensures better payment behaviour. Gain insight into the reason for late payment and look for a solution together with your customer.
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Invoices and reminders are sent automatically, continuing contact and dialogue with your customers
Structure in your debtor process ensures that your invoice is constantly brought to the attention of your customer and starts the dialogue
With consistent follow up and continuity of dialogue, an invoice is a point of contact in the customer experience
Via different channels and at multiple times you can remind your customer automatically of an outstanding invoice
Screenshot of the Payt software where you can see all communication with your debtor per invoice
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"Payt contributes significantly to our customer satisfaction. They experience more payment convenience and can easily make contact about outstanding invoices. That is essential for the customer experience."
Logo company INDI
Clarity and consistency ensure better payment behavior and higher customer satisfaction at INDI. Curious how they manage to do this? Read it in this customer story.
Sybrand Brouwer

Sybrand Brouwer

Director and Owner

A complete file in case it is needed

Control over collection process

You can follow the debtor process with an automated collection process. Here too you remain in full control

Download the file

Despite the collection process, does a debtor still not pay? Download the file from Payt’s software and transfer it to a bailiff.
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