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Get paid faster without losing personal contact with parents

Many different invoices, direct debits that are reversed and parents who pay the outstanding invoices too late. At Payt, we know what the childcare industry is dealing with. Arrange your debtor management easily in the Flexkids software. When you add Payt to your Flexkids administration, your debtors automatically get a platform where they can view every invoice and enter into a dialogue by invoice.
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The advantages of the link between Flexkids and Payt

Automatic integration

You can easily link Payt to your Flexkids administration. Your invoices from Flexkids are automatically loaded into Payt. A follow up process is then automatically started with you in full control of the process

Make a payment arrangement

If your debtor is unable to pay the outstanding invoice, you can easily and efficiently arrange and monitor a payment arrangement

Personal contact with your debtor

Automated debtor management while maintaining that all important personal contact with your debtor. You can enter into a dialogue by invoice in the Payt platform. This results in better payment behavior

About Flexkids

Working with partners and building integrations with other systems enriches the Flexkids software and increases your ease of use. This prevents, for example, duplication of work or having to log in again and again in other systems. One of Flexkids’ partners is Payt. Payt supports many hundreds of organisations in Europe in the field of credit management. Payt does this with great success and very high customer satisfaction. The company’s customers vary from small to large organisations. Payt can also count several childcare organisations among its clientele.

Flexkids develops childcare software. The company supports the entire childcare process with a complete package: from child planning and a parent and group portal to personnel planning and financial administration. Flexkids’ mission is to make all employees in and those involved in childcare work better together, so that childcare leads, directs, plans, pays, receives and shares better. This way Flexkids makes childcare work better.

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Customer stories

logo Quooker
Quooker was looking for a 'total solution' for efficient accounts receivable management. The choice for Payt led to an unprecedented number of payments within a very short time.
log fdw
Payt has just been amazing for Laura (credit controller at UHY). "And it's the people, that's what has made it. It is an automated system with people behind it". In this video you'll find out what that means.
logo Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen broke its own record with the collection of payments using Payt. Curious how? Read it in this customer story
Jean-Paul Heunks

Jean-Paul Heunks

Head of Financial Administration

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