Keep your colleagues up to date

Efficient accounts receivable management hinges on communication. In Payt, you can easily make notes, ensuring that your colleagues are always informed.
Screenshot of the software of Payt where you can see how to make internal notes easily

Streamline internal communication

Efficient credit management will stand or fall with good communication. In Payt you can make notes easily, keeping your colleagues up to date
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Every colleague can easily make notes on a specific invoice or a customer, which improves internal communication and internal coordination
If an agreement is made with a debtor, all is easily recorded in Team Notes and keeps everyone fully in the loop
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"You can see exactly when the last contact time was and whether your customer read messages. And you can see what a colleague has agreed with the customer."
logo company Mobility Service
Thanks to Payt the credit management at Mobility Service runs very smoothly. Faster payment, time saving, and more structure in the process are their win. Read it here.
Inge Mier

Inge Mier

Financial and Operational Director

A complete file of payment behaviour

Complete file of payment behavior

With notes, agreements and all communication concerning the invoice, you build up a complete file of the payment behavior of your customer
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