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The importance of a healthy cash flow

Are overdue invoices a major source of concern for you? Do you spend too much time emailing, calling and reminding customers to pay your invoices? As an accountant, you know better than anyone how important a healthy cash flow is. With Payt accounts receivable management software, you can make sure that invoices are paid up to 30% quicker than before.

Plus, by joining the Payt Certified Partner Program you become the first point of contact for your customers for credit management, so that you can advise and support them. Read on for all the possibilities or download our brochure.

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A selection of advantages for accountants

Whatever software or packages you and your customers use, Payt can be linked to almost any accounting-, administration- or invoicing software
You can determine the follow up of invoices for each customer and incorporate agreements and payment schemes. Automatic follow ups on invoices without losing personal contact with your customer
On average, accountants see more than 5% of their invoices being paid after the final reminder, with 41% of all invoices being paid outside the payment period. Our automated reminder process and dedicated software help you get paid faster
Send your invoices and reminders automatically at set times and determine the way you want to remind your debtor of any outstanding invoice
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A personal approach supported by Payt

Marc Oegema is one of the founders and owners of Afier Accountants. A personal approach has always been one of the most important aspects of their services, which is why they seek software that has the same characteristic. That’s exactly the reason why Oegema chose Payt. Marc adds, "Thanks to Payt, we can now send our reminders at set times. The software has really helped us structure our accounts receivable management processes, without losing that important personal touch."
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Payt helped Afier to structure their debtor process with debtor management software, while maintaining personal contact with their debtors. How? Read it here.
Marc Oegema

Marc Oegema


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Join our Certified Partner Program for accountants

Are your customers experiencing problems getting their invoices paid? Become a Payt Certified Partner and help your customers with a structured accounts receivable management process, so that they can fully focus on their company. Expand your customer services with the implementation and use of Payt accounts receivable management software, especially if you want to implement your customers’ credit management.