An amicable debt collection process with MICTA and Payt

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Dealing with debtors who do not pay their invoices?

Despite an amicable debt collection process has your debtor still not paid? Then you can have the process followed up with a judicial collection process carried out by Payt partner MICTA.

MICTA has also extensively automated the judicial debt collection process. As a result, the costs remain clear in the judicial process as well. You can keep in touch with your debtor about outstanding invoices via both the Payt and MICTA platform.

The options with MICTA

An amicable debt collection process

How does an amicable debt collection process at Payt work and what do you need to know about a debt collection case?

Enable a debt collection agency and an alternative

What does a debt collection agency do and what options do you have to complete this process with Payt?

Engage a bailiff or lawyer

What is the role of a bailiff or lawyer to be able to collect the debt from your debtor?


A defaulter costs you a lot of time and energy, especially if the invoice is outstanding or more than € 25,000. A large amount with consequences for your cash flow. For debts of that size or larger you always need a debt collection lawyer. Such a claim is brought to a civil court. In contrast to legal proceedings with a bailiff who ends up at the sub district court. In contrast to a debt collection agency or bailiff, a lawyer can litigate to have the invoice paid, file for bankruptcy and order before there is a judgment (precautionary attachment). Payt’s file contains all the elements MICTA needs to start the procedure.

MICTA founder Douglas Mensink has over 16 years of experience in the legal profession and over 25 years of experience in the field of IT and law. In addition, he also knows his way in other jurisdictions. MICTA is available for legal advice or support. The company is committed to solving problems quickly, professionally and well. The office provides short lines, transparency and result-oriented solutions.

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Customer stories

logo mondzorgpraktijk uithof
Hussein Mirsadeghi of Dental care practice Uithof has been using the software of Payt for his claims and patient invoices since January 2022. Previously he had this done at a factoring company, but for a number of reasons he has chosen to switch to Payt. This choice resulted in more overview and control, better communication with patients and no more defaulters.
Hussein Mirsadeghi

Hussein Mirsadeghi

Dentist and owner

logo company Mobility Service
Thanks to Payt the credit management at Mobility Service runs very smoothly. Faster payment, time saving, and more structure in the process are their win. Read it here.
Inge Mier

Inge Mier

Financial and Operational Director

logo Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen broke its own record with the collection of payments using Payt. Curious how? Read it in this customer story
Jean-Paul Heunks

Jean-Paul Heunks

Head of Financial Administration

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