The benefits of Payt's credit management software

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Best solution on credit management software

Everyday, we are trying to deliver to you the best possible solution on credit management software. Started in 2012, we’ve built a lot of software that supports the debt collection process. Our goals are to make life easier while collecting your invoices earlier. To be very specific: reduce your open invoice amount by 30% and halve the time of your current collection process!
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Complete functionality

We support you with your credit management through the most complete software available at this moment. Not only do we automate manual actions that save you a lot of time. We offer you a specific follow up process of outstanding invoices, if necessary until the bailiff. But perhaps the most important aspect of our software is the communication platform with which you can communicate within your organisation. But especially with your customers and capture all communication automatically. We also offer you insight into how your customers pay you. With all kinds of smart standard reports and the possibility to compile your own reports. And with all this knowledge, you can also pre-finance your outstanding invoices very cheaply. Are you interested?

Credit management outsourcing

We integrate with practically all online bookkeeping programs. If your bookkeeping software is up to date, our software automatically knows what to do and can send your invoices and payment reminders to your debtors. The result is a consistent process where your valuable time is only needed in special cases such as payment plan requests or questions about individual invoices.

Debt collection process

After a normal invoice reminder process, on average 1 to 3% of your invoices are not yet paid. Of course, this number depends on your sector and on the quality of your product or service. We will follow up your reminders with a debt collection process. We will add recovery costs according to the country-specific law on debt recovery. And we will add interest costs to your invoice. Because it is your money and your customer, you could consider waiving these extra costs in return for immediate payment. You might have established a long term relationship with a future profitable client.
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