Payt for the temporary employment and contract industry

With our automation software for credit management you can ensure that outstanding invoices are paid faster
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Get paid faster and easier

At Payt, we know that temporary employment and contract agencies have to advance the salaries of temporary and contract workers and that it often takes a long time before outstanding invoices are paid. With our automation software for credit management you can ensure that outstanding invoices are paid faster. Read more about the benefits here or download the Payt brochure now for more information.
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A selection of advantages for the employment sector

In the temporary employment and secondment sector, invoices are on average open for more than 8 to 12 weeks. Thanks to the possibilities that our automation software offers, you can considerably shorten the term of outstanding invoices
With the software of Payt you can automatically remind your debtors at set times and keep control over the way you want to remind them of any outstanding invoice
It is possible to offer your debtors the option to pay via debit or credit card. This benefit of Payt considerably increases the chance that your customers will pay faster
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Less work for Feel Flex through the use of Payt

“We deal with various clients every day, which means we have many different invoices. Before we had Payt, it was a day’s work for our employees to keep everything running smoothly, ”says Mols. “Payt’s automation software was a relief to us. The software has taken a lot of work. Reminders and reminders are sent automatically. Our employees just have to check it. I notice that I spend less and less time on the software myself. You are going to rely on the software. ”
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Employment agency Feel Flex has been using Payt since 2016. Invoices are paid faster due to the automatic follow up. The employees like to work with the user-friendly platform
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Alexander Mols

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Join our Certified Partner Program for accountants

Are your clients experiencing problems getting their invoices paid? Become a Payt Certified Partner and help your clients with a structured debt management process, so that they can fully focus on their company. Expand your client services with the implementation and use of Payt debt management software, especially if you want to implement your clients’ credit management.
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