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Liquid assets
Find out everything you need to know about liquid assets as a business owner here. This will help you understand what liquid assets are, where they are on the balance sheet and what you use them for.
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What is accounts receivable?
Accounts receivable is an administration that ensures that all your company's debtors are in order. Good accounts receivable can save a lot of time and money for a business. This article discusses what exactly accounts receivable is, how it is performed, what work needs to be fulfilled in it and how you can automate it.
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What is Cash Allocation?
Cash allocation is the process of matching incoming payments with outstanding invoices. It is important for every company to have insight into its financial situation and to have the cash flow in order. One way of doing this is by optimising the cash allocation process with software. Automating your debtor management provides an important contribution to a healthy cash flow and optimal business operations.
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What is FinTech?
You come across the word 'FinTech' all over the financial world these days. But what does it actually mean? And what benefits does it bring to you? We explain it to you on this wiki page.
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The pros and cons of outsourcing invoicing
Every business, small or large, has to deal with invoices. Invoicing is an important part of any business as it ensures that the company gets its finances in order. What exactly is invoicing? Invoicing involves sending invoices to debtors and is part of debtor management. Think of services or products you have sold. It is important that invoices are paid so that your business remains financially sound.
What is invoicing?
What is invoicing? What is the purpose of invoicing? How can I automate invoicing? And how can I get my invoices paid faster? We are happy to explain.
Cash management software
Today’s best cash management software streamlines and automates financial functions, giving corporate treasurers the control over their operations and working capital risk. Cash management software solutions enable teams to manage their payment processes efficiently and quickly. On this wiki page you will find all the information you need to know about cash management and how it can get you cash flow back on track.
What is cash flow management?
Cash flow management involves the real-time management of the incoming and outgoing cash flows of your business based on current insights. It focuses on the results of your business's income and expenses.
Collection agencies
It is annoying for any company when customers pay late, but even more annoying when customers do not pay at all. It is often necessary to call in a collection agency after payment reminders and demands have been sent. In this wiki we will inform you how to do this.
Improving your liquidity in 6 steps
Your company's liquidity is the basis for a healthy financial situation. In order to improve your liquidity there are 6 simple steps to follow. By applying these steps, you will provide optimal liquidity management in your company.