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Cash management software
Today’s best cash management software streamlines and automates financial functions, giving corporate treasurers the control over their operations and working capital risk. Cash management software solutions enable teams to manage their payment processes efficiently and quickly. On this wiki page you will find all the information you need to know about cash management and how it can get you cash flow back on track.
Collection agencies
It is annoying for any company when customers pay late, but even more annoying when customers do not pay at all. It is often necessary to call in a collection agency after payment reminders and demands have been sent. In this wiki we will inform you how to do this.
Improving your liquidity in 6 steps
Your company's liquidity is the basis for a healthy financial situation. In order to improve your liquidity there are 6 simple steps to follow. By applying these steps, you will provide optimal liquidity management in your company.
Step-by-step plan for unpaid invoices
Are there any outstanding invoices from customers? Encourage the customer to pay by following the step-by-step plan below.
SME factoring 2.0
Payt takes SME factoring 2.0 to the next level. The partnership between Payt, Floryn and New10 makes it possible to pre-finance invoices within one day. If you use Payt debtor software, a single push of the button is enough.
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What is debtor management?
On this wiki page we will inform about the concept of debtor management. What are debtors? What is debtor management? And how do I ensure it to be efficient and effective?
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What is invoice financing
On this wiki page we will inform about the concept of invoice financing. What is it? How does invoice financing work? And what are the differences with factoring?
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6 tips for improving accounts receivable management
Accounts receivable is part of the financial success of any company. If payments are nog forthcoming, liquidity is undermined and cash flow is negatively affected. On this wiki page we will give you 6 valuable tips for improving your accounts receivable management.
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Advantages and disadvantages of invoice financing
On this wiki page we will inform about the advantages and disadvantages of invoice financing. It can be beneficial for both large and small companies, but there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether this is right for your business.
Business credit
A business loan makes it easier for companies to cover business expenses. In addition, there are various forms of business loans to consider.