Automated accounts receivable management at Quooker

Quooker was looking for a 'total solution' for efficient accounts receivable management. The choice for Payt led to an unprecedented number of payments within a very short time. Want to know more? Download our brochure

“The tap that does it all”

Quooker is the inventor and creator of “the tap that does it all”. The Quooker was the very first boiling water tap in the world and is currently busy with the international roll-out of its innovative product. Quooker’s mission is to make the tap that does it all an indispensable product in every kitchen, worldwide.

Photo of people using a Quooker

From letters to digital communications

Payt’s introduction at Quooker UK was very well-timed as the rapid growth meant that they were looking for an improved and more sustainable way of managing its account receivables. Payt’s automated system of electronically managing accounts removed the need for printed communications. However in addition to that the added functionality and simplicity in which accounts could now access live information has made it invaluable.

Stephen Johnson - Managing Director Quooker UK: “We no longer print or post account communications. All internal communications are now in one place and we can even task each other and set reminders.”

Equally they have an array of good reports for analysis and they can clearly see customers are informed and paying quicker. The entire invoicing process, from sending invoices to reminders to debt collection, is taken care of by Payt. “The nice thing about this is that – despite the fact that the process is automated – you still have a lot of control over every step. In addition, Payt is a clear, user-friendly program that is easy to explain to your colleagues,” says Stephen.

Photo of a Quooker: the flex black

Advantages and results

The introduction of Payt at Quooker has, next to all other advantages, also meant that they were able to fine-tune a few things internally, because Payt takes a lot of work off their hands.

“The biggest advantage is of course the automated accounts receivables. This gives us the chance to really focus on the cases that need attention.”


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