Hanze University of Applied Sciences breaks its own records with Payt

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Improved customer satisfaction and more time for qualitative improvements

In 2016, the Financial and Economic Affairs (FEZ) staff office of Hanze University Groningen took responsibility for automation of the flow of incoming invoices. The department also wanted to automate the flow of outgoing invoices in order that all would work more efficiently and effectively. The approach: make work easier for both the employee and the customer. Payt software delivered more than expected to Hanze University.

Hanze University of Applied Sciences building in Groningen

“Within FEZ, the debtor administration is part of the Financial Administration. We arrange the process from invoicing to reminder, collection and, if necessary, further steps." says Jean-Paul Heunks, head of Financial Administration at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen*. “We also monitor agreements and payments. That was previously done in Excel, literally with thousands of lines. If you then need a temporary replacement, you would not have worked it out. We also had insufficient control over how our debtor position was doing.”*

The project to optimise the debtor process was two-fold. Heunks:

“On the one hand, it was aimed at improving communication about invoices to customers, in our case mostly students. On the other hand, it focused on technology. How can you further optimise the process based on technology? After market consultation and tendering, we concluded that Payt software is the most suitable for us."

Versatile result

It has never been the approach of the department to save on employee costs. The approach has always been to make work easier. The entire process is set up and automated in such a way that they save time. Time they use to implement qualitative improvements in other aspects. The result is versatile. Payt provides insight into the debtor position, the overdue payments, which status has which invoice. The use of the software leads to improved cash flow and provides time for more complex challenges and improvements.

Pausing the payment process during holidays

The ‘pause button’ in Payt turned out to be gold for the organisation. Heunks: “The operation is simple: with one click you pause the entire planned process of automated reminders. The effect is invaluable. You can tailor a process to your client and your organisation. Take for example the summer holidays. There are hardly any students present and we have a limited number of staff in the department. It makes no sense to send out reminders. The student will probably not see it. If a student sees it, but has questions, we will be less accessible by phone due to the holiday period. Whilst we had concentrated on this issue in the past, it was very manual. Now we are much more efficient."

Record of fastest payment broken

In addition, the staff office breaks its own records with the collection of payments.

Heunks: “From the invoice, reminder and online environment, students can pay directly with, among other things, iDeal. The record of fastest payment is now 17 seconds after sending invoices with an iDeal link in it! ”

Improving customer satisfaction is the most important

“With Payt software we have managed to substantially reduce the amount of outstanding items. The quality of our debtor portfolio has improved considerably within one year. But even more important: customer satisfaction with communication and contact with outstanding invoices has improved considerably. That counts much more for our organization." says Heunks. Shortly after commissioning, they were surprised by emails from students. Although they received a reminder, they thanked them for the friendly way of communicating. “Then you see the appreciation for transparent and structural work. The message is no less fun - they still have to pay - but the way we deliver it is more friendly.”

Stages in use of the debtor management software

Payt’s solution is aimed at the entire chain, from invoice to collection. At the start, however, Hanze preferred to start with just invoicing and sending reminders. They wanted a phasing in use. “It took some searching in the collaboration, but it worked out well”, says Heunks.

“Payt thinks along nicely with our wishes and how our processes can be cast in the software. We have very direct and good contact with Payt at all levels. It is a partnership, not a program shift and good luck."

One year later, Hanze University is using the entire Payt solution to their full satisfaction.


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