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iMUIS and King easy to connect with Payt debtor management software

When you use iMUIS or King Business Software, you can easily connect with Payt debtor management. We ensure a consistent follow up program. Your customers are reminded of any outstanding invoices according to a recognisable schedule. We also provide a sophisticated communication platform. We believe that it should be made as easy as possible for customers to communicate about an invoice. In addition to calling, communicating via a platform has become very common and fully established. Think for example about Whatsapp.

When you add Payt to your iMUIS administration, your customers automatically get a platform where they can send messages, when it suits them. You will see it neatly in the Payt portal. You can answer them directly or discuss messages with a colleague first.

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The advantages of the link between iMuis and Payt

Direct payment

You receive payments from your customer directly to your bank account. No rerouting via a third party account. So also no compositions of payments by a bank or payment service provider. You have your money directly into your account. And reconciliation is facilitated as much as possible

Personal contact

You can communicate directly and easily with your customer via your own portal. Customers can also pay there, download their invoices again, and send a message. We have noticed that the easier the communication options, the better the payment behaviour

Complies with WIK (Dutch law on recovery costs)

Somewhere between 1% and 3% is not paid for the last reminder. You can follow this up via Payt by means of a collection process. The automated collection process complies with the Collection Costs Act (WIK). And of course every payment is paid directly to you by a debtor. Payt is never in between. Playing with collection and interest costs has thus also become means of maintaining the relationship.

About iMuis

Thanks to the good cooperation with renowned specialised partners such as Payt, you can always put together the ideal solution for your company with the MUIS software. By linking Payt to your iMUIS Online administration(s), you ensure that your debtor management is automated as much as possible. The invoices that you create in your iMUIS Online administration are collected in Payt, after which they are sent to your customers by email or post. The connection allows our debtor management software to know immediately whether the customer has paid the invoice within the payment term you set. Did your customer not pay the invoice on time? Then Payt ensures that reminder invoices are sent fully automatically by email and you can follow up the process - if desired - with an automated collection process.

MUIS Software develops administrative software especially for accountants and entrepreneurs. The company wants to align its software as closely as possible with practice, which is why they listen carefully to their customers and follow the developments in the market closely. This enables the software company to immediately respond to new developments. For example, with iMUIS Online it is possible to automate the entire administrative process. MUIS has also acquired King Business Software. It is expected that iMUIS and KING will be increasingly integrated. Payt will follow these developments and also realize the integration with King as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us if you want to try it for a month.

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Jean-Paul Heunks

Jean-Paul Heunks

Head of Financial Administration

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