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Work smarter, not harder

Activium helps you make choices. Which software fits your company best? How do you align the software with your business processes? Appropriate business software is the basis for success. Activium can advise you on the Payt debtor management software for effectively setting up and automating debtor management.
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The benefits of the collaboration

A familiar face for advice

Is your account a partner of Payt? Then you can turn to the trusted face of your accountant for the implementation and optimal use of Payt

Fully automated debtor management

Your accountant will help you tailor automatic debtor management to your specific business situation

Sound advice

Our partners can give you solid advice on the introduction and use of Payt. If they can not figure it out, Payt offers you premium support

Accountancy firm Activaa is Payt Certified Partner

Activium is a Payt Certified Partner

Activium is a Payt Certified Partner and is a familiar face ready to give you advice on the Payt debtor management software. Activium helps you in your efforts towards more efficient, effective and personal debtor management.

Because Activium knows you and your company, they can give appropriate advice. Think of your business or financial processes, where you and your consultant together can make the best choices in setting up Payt. Together, Payt and Activium will also ensure that your ERP, invoicing and/or accounting software is linked to Payt.

Together with your consultant, you can work on faster, simpler and automated credit management, with more overview and the possibility of interaction, in a complete online environment.

About Activium

Activium provides personal advice on automation issues relating to finance, hem, logistics and sales. Solutions can often be easily integrated into your current software. Activium distinguishes itself through its service orientation and professional knowledge.

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Customer stories

logo Quooker
Quooker was looking for a 'total solution' for efficient accounts receivable management. The choice for Payt led to an unprecedented number of payments within a very short time.
log fdw
Payt has just been amazing for Laura (credit controller at UHY). "And it's the people, that's what has made it. It is an automated system with people behind it". In this video you'll find out what that means.
logo Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen broke its own record with the collection of payments using Payt. Curious how? Read it in this customer story
Jean-Paul Heunks

Jean-Paul Heunks

Head of Financial Administration

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