Automate invoice management with our software system

Simplify the process and automate your invoice management system for more time and less worry.

Automate and transform invoice processing

Payt offers invoice management automation through its invoice management system, saving you 80% of your time and money. In turn, you can use this time to make processes more efficient. Your existing financial systems easily interface with Payt’s software. Payt sees when your customer has not paid the invoice within the payment period you set and follows up the process automatically.

Time savings

Automation of invoice collection saves you a lot of time, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Improve cash flow

Optimise processes, set reminders and speed up the payment cycle.


Maintain an overview of your invoices and stay better informed about your financial situation.

logo mondzorgpraktijk uithof
Hussein Mirsadeghi of Dental care practice Uithof has been using the software of Payt for his claims and patient invoices since January 2022. Previously he had this done at a factoring company, but for a number of reasons he has chosen to switch to Payt. This choice resulted in more overview and control, better communication with patients and no more defaulters.
Hussein Mirsadeghi

Hussein Mirsadeghi

Dentist and owner

logo company Mobility Service
Thanks to Payt the credit management at Mobility Service runs very smoothly. Faster payment, time saving, and more structure in the process are their win. Read it here.
Inge Mier

Inge Mier

Financial and Operational Director

logo Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen broke its own record with the collection of payments using Payt. Curious how? Read it in this customer story
Jean-Paul Heunks

Jean-Paul Heunks

Head of Financial Administration

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