5 opportunities you use FinTech for to ensure better cash flow and customer relationships

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With the most modern FinTech, you work on automated debtor management, resulting in faster payments. At the same time, this also ensures a better customer relationship, through time that you have left. With these 5 opportunities, you use FinTech for a better cash flow and customer relationship.

1. Lower the threshold to pay with different payment options

You make the payment of an invoice easier by adding different payment options. The lower the payment threshold, the faster and better your customers will pay. With Payt’s smart debtor software, you can easily add payment options to your invoices.

2. Save time for special cases through automation

Automated credit management means you have less to worry about the invoice and follow up process. You have time to spare; time you can spend on customers who need extra attention or overdue payments. That will certainly benefit the customer relationship!

3. See the invoice as a customer contact moment

At every customer contact moment, there is an opportunity to improve the customer experience. This also applies to the invoice! Consider, for example, entering into a dialogue with your customer about the invoice. In the Payt software, you and your customers can leave comments per invoice. In this way, you remain in discussion about products and services supplied and you also remain in full control during this phase.

4. Hold the strings, also in the collection process

Do you struggle to complete the file during a debt collection process or is there structural information missing? That makes a good debt collection process difficult. With FinTech you keep all communication about invoices and payment together simply and efficiently. In the Payt software, you start a collection process in which you are in charge and can thus keep the customer relationship intact.

5. Keep drawing attention with an automated, consistent process

How many customers do you know that invoices end up ‘somewhere in a pile’? Automate your accounts receivable management to design a consistent payment process. From sending invoices to reminders, from dialogue about an invoice to starting a payment arrangement or collection process. This creates new moments to keep your customer’s attention and receive payments faster.

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