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Illustration of a customer paying an invoice with his phone
Order to Cash software (O2C)
What is the use of your commercial efforts if your invoices do not get paid? If we approach your O2C cycle as an integrated part of your sales and marketing processes you might find a number of leads on how to improve your DSO and learn how Order to Cash software can be used to enhance both the customer journey and cash flow within your company.
Illustration of a person holding a credit card
Every company can use these 3 tips to get paid faster and easier
How quickly do you get paid? Lower your DSO and improve your cash flow with these 3 tips that every business can tap into!
Illustration of a person with an invoice
Invoicing considerably more successful due to this strategic approach
Payment terms are often ignored. A good strategy for ‘late payers’ will help to minimize this. This ensures a healthy cash flow.
Illustration of a man looking at business analytics
5 opportunities you use FinTech for to ensure better cash flow and customer relationships
With these 5 opportunities, you use FinTech for a better cash flow and customer relationship, resulting in faster payments.
Illustration of a man choosing a strategy
Smart strategy for better cash flow for SMEs
Invoices paid too late weigh heavily on your cash flow. In this blog, you learn how to deal with this with a smart strategy.
Illustration of a man holding a creditcard
A sure method to ensure that customers pay faster
Payt gives you tips on how you can quickly collect your outstanding invoices in a customer-friendly manner. How? You can read it here.
Illustration of 2 people printing invoices and 1 person billing online
Effective debtor management? Measure it with these 3 financial KPIs
With smart debtor management, you can significantly improve your cash flow. But when is your debtor management effective and how do you measure it?