After a 4-year study, I could apply everything I had learned in practice, at least, that's what I thought - Thymen Osinga, Sales

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Monday, October 30, 2017, marked my first day at Payt. I already had some work experience, but Payt was my first proper job.

After a 4-year study, I could apply everything I had learned in practice. At least, that’s what I thought. During the initial weeks at the office, it became clear to me that I was about to truly learn something. In those days I worked at one table with Aziz, Rob, Merijn, Sander, and Jelger. It was incredibly educational, but as a newcomer, I was also an easy target. Sometimes brought down to earth and regularly part of a joke.

Fast forward six years, and I still hold the same position. Every day, I still go to work with a lot of pleasure. It’s delightful to work for a growing organisation where new markets are regularly tapped into, and we have a fantastic product. I see my work as diverse and challenging, and my goal is to let everyone experience how wonderful our product is!

Thymen Osinga
Written by Thymen Osinga LinkedIn profile
Thymen works in sales at Payt. His in-depth knowledge of the product enables him to convince everyone he speaks to of the unique benefits of Payt. By understanding and translating the needs of potential customers into solutions within Payt, he builds valuable customer relationships.

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