The art is to do very special things within sectoral issues using Payt's standard cloud software, purely based on configuration - Jeroen Krosse, Managing Board

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I double-checked just to be sure. It turns out that I’ve been working at Payt since early 2020. That’s not even that long ago. At the same time, I can barely imagine what the working life was like before that; Payt has become ingrained in my DNA!

When I started, I already knew ’the people of the first hour’. ‘Come join us’, they said. ‘We’ve just expressed to each other our intention to continue together for years, and it’s just starting to get fun.’ What I doubted back then was whether I would find credit management positive/constructive and meaningful enough. However, when I saw how Payt approaches it, and how happy customers and their debtors were with it, I was convinced. I want to be part of this story and the team that makes it happen!

My first task was to ensure that Payt would be more successful in Belgium. To quickly familiarize myself with the subject matter, I started working with the Dutch team. It was a joy to work with such talented and dedicated people. It also became increasingly clear where and how I could best contribute to Payt’s success. This resulted in many opportunities during the corona period to provide webinars together with partners. And we developed a proposition for dental care that appealed to me enormously because of the added complexity with health insurers. I delved into this with a fun group of colleagues, and it was successful!

Nowadays, I mainly focus on Payt’s partner network. Seizing opportunities together with beautiful integrated solutions and smart marketing campaigns is what I enjoy the most. The art is to do very special things within sectoral issues using Payt’s standard cloud software, purely based on configuration. With our partners, we succeed in sectors such as dental care, childcare, energy, and automotive. I find that so beautiful! I can continue for many years with Payt to genuinely help customers automate intelligently and improve their cash flow.

Jeroen Krosse
Written by Jeroen Krosse LinkedIn profile
Jeroen Krosse is director sales & marketing at Payt and aims for connection and partnership in his work. Smart co-ops that lead to industry specific solutions to max out the potential of business process automation in credit management. No mountain too high for Jeroen to achieve results in marketing and customer satisfaction.

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