It's great to work with driven and experienced developers. We help each other, but we're also critical of each other's work and strive for the best end result - Samuel Esposito, Developer

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My IT career began at University Medical Center Groningen, where I worked in a small team building software to monitor the quality of mental healthcare. 
There, I learned a lot about building and maintaining Rails and React applications. When I was ready for a new challenge, I transitioned to Catawiki in Assen. I found that challenge in developing Catawiki’s payment systems. At the same time, I noticed that working in a large company with different development teams in different locations has its own challenges. This led to a desire to work in a smaller team in one place.

That is what I found when I started working at Payt 5 years ago. The transition to developing Payt’s debtor management software was a logical step, and I found an enthusiastic development team with a strong focus on the quality and maintainability of the software systems. It’s great to work with driven and experienced developers on Payt’s backend, frontend, and IT infrastructure. We help each other, but we’re also critical of each other’s work and strive for the best end result. This ensures that I enjoy working for Payt every day!

Samuel Esposito
Written by Samuel Esposito LinkedIn profile
Samuel is a developer at Payt. As a full-stack developer, he works on both the front and back end of the application. Additionally, he is involved in prioritizing the projects that are on the development calendar.

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