Another great aspect is that at Payt, we don't have managers serving as intermediaries between the client and the developer - Mathijs Kingma, Developer

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Nine years ago, I joined Payt when the team consisted of only 9 people. Most colleagues call me Benji (Benjamin) because I was the youngest member of the team for a long time. I am no longer the youngest now, but the name has stuck with me :)

After completing my studies in Communication & Multimedia Design at NHL in Leeuwarden, I came across a message on Twitter from my then-colleague Sebastiaan. In the message, he was looking for a Ruby on Rails developer. Since I had gained experience with Ruby on Rails in several projects during my studies, I reached out, and a week later, I started working at Payt.

Another great aspect is that at Payt, we don’t have managers serving as intermediaries between the client and the developer. I often have direct contact with partners or major clients, so my work involves not only programming but also some planning and client interaction. I personally enjoy the variety between these tasks!

In addition to work, Payt values our well-being outside of working hours. We often organize enjoyable gatherings and fun outings. All in all, Payt is a fantastic employer, and I work with pleasure every day on our beautiful platform.


Mathijs Kingma
Written by Mathijs Kingma LinkedIn profile
Mathijs is a developer at Payt. His expertise lies in the backend and infrastructure.

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