If the approach of the past period can be maintained in the coming years, the future looks bright - Mark Elema, Implementation Specialist

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Of the ten years that have shaped Payt, I have experienced one. During this time, I have noticed that a unique company culture has emerged; there is a lot of freedom, plenty of room for initiative, and a positive and optimistic atmosphere. The extensive way in which the 10th anniversary is being celebrated underlines this.

A year ago, I started in the support department. Here, ample opportunity was provided to learn all the ins and outs of how our software operates. As a colleague with extensive experience in support departments put it: what a luxury that we are given the trust and time for this.

I can put this knowledge to good use in my current role as an implementation specialist. In other words, assessing what we can automate for clients and realising it through the software. The transition was smooth and supported by colleagues and management. Very nice.

I hope to continue enjoying the delicious lunches, weekly drinks, occasional dining out together, and a sweet trip like the one to Lapland. And during drinks in the city, maybe even some karaoke. I’m certainly doing my part.

If the approach of the past period can be maintained in the coming years, the future looks bright.

Mark Elema
Written by Mark Elema
Mark Elema is an implementation specialist at Payt. He guides new clients in implementing our software in their organization. He is helpful and has a solution oriented way of thinking.

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