We have assembled a great team where everyone is empowered to excel in their strengths. In my opinion, this is the driving force behind Payt's success - Maarten Theodorie, Implementation Specialist

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Five years ago (01-12-2018), I started as an implementation specialist at Payt. From my first day at work, I have never gone to work with reluctance. 

As an implementation specialist, I am responsible for the onboarding process of new clients who are starting to work with Payt. Once they have signed the contract, I step in to guide them towards going live with Payt. During this process, I assist with the setup of Payt, gather requirements, and provide (brief) training.

The opportunities for advancement within Payt have led me to focus on other tasks besides implementation. For our existing clients, I conduct webinars on how Payt operates, host Q&A sessions, and an annual feature update event. Additionally, I work on optimizing the customer journey and internal marketing. I am always exploring new ideas to implement with my marketing colleagues (sometimes to the frustration of those same colleagues, who have since dubbed the paper shredder as Maarten’s idea box).

We have assembled a great team where everyone is empowered to excel in their strengths. In my opinion, this is the driving force behind Payt’s success. We develop top-notch software, collaborate well, are entrusted with significant responsibilities, and there is ample room for relaxation. For instance, we participate in the annual 4-mile run, travel together, and attend enjoyable events. When you don’t feel like you’re working, I believe you’ve found the best workplace imaginable. I’m not leaving anytime soon (sorry, colleagues:)).

Maarten Theodorie
Written by Maarten Theodorie LinkedIn profile
Maarten Theodorie is an implementation specialist at Payt, focusing on onboarding new clients who will be using our software. His creative mind is always working overtime, resulting in a variety of ideas for Payt.

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