The growth of Payt, from a startup to a fully-fledged software company, has provided me with valuable experiences - Laurens, Developer

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I have been working at Payt for almost 7 years as a (virtually) full-stack software engineer.
I started as a backend engineer and have been taking on more frontend tasks lately, allowing me to independently complete entire features. Additionally, I handle responsible disclosure security reports from security researchers and continue to learn to automate and maintain the Payt infrastructure.

At Payt, you are given a lot of freedom, time, and space to grow in areas that are of interest to you. Besides your regular duties, you can explore and learn new things. The growth of Payt, from a startup to a fully-fledged software company, has provided me with valuable experiences.

Personally, I appreciate the flexibility that Payt and my colleagues offer in terms of scheduling work hours. For me, this translates into free afternoons when the wind is blowing so I can windsurf (as long as I have no deadlines or other commitments, of course). The lunches, Friday afternoon drinks, and team events have been well-organized and enjoyable since I joined Payt. I believe these contribute to the high average tenure of employees at Payt.

There is a positive work atmosphere with open communication among (intelligent) employees from all departments. It’s a very flat organizational structure. In the office, there are various options for relaxation during breaks, catering to everyone’s preferences for blowing off steam – a football that has, on occasion, broken a window, a dartboard, pull-up rack, and mini basketball hoops. Coffee, beverages, and snacks are always well-stocked, and the lunches are unmatched in their variety, occasionally featuring warm meals.

Developer hackdays, meetups, and regular social gatherings are frequent. Moreover, team outings to both warm and cold (foreign) destinations are truly exceptional and something you rarely find with other employers. The Christmas gifts are also consistently well-received. 
Overall, I am a very satisfied Payt employee!

Written by Laurens
Laurens is a developer at Payt. Currently, he is mainly focused on conceptualizing and setting up the dental care branch in the backend of our software. Additionally, he manages a significant portion of the import integrations.

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