It feels like I've been around for years - Laura Baakman, Developer

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I’ve been working at Payt for over a year and a half now. I had to look it up when I started because it feels like I’ve been around for years. That also means I started in the middle of the Covid pandemic. I was quite a bit apprehensive about that.

The internet is full of horror stories about new employees never getting to see anyone or having a hard time fitting in. Nothing was further from the truth for me. I received a warm welcome, as good as it was with the guidelines in place at the time. And now that we’re all back in the office regularly, it’s like it’s never been any different.

One of the best things about working at Payt is how quickly the features you build are available to the customer. For example, a customer was recently missing a certain field in the API, it was great to be able to let her know that that specific field would be available within a day. And more directly, it also happens that with a day’s work I can make life easier for my support colleagues, for example by adding a button somewhere or caching a specific set of data. These kinds of relatively small features come in between the big, long-term projects. That variety is one of the many things that make me expect to write another blog post before our next anniversary.

Laura Baakman
Written by Laura Baakman LinkedIn profile
Laura is a developer at Payt. She is involved in both developing new, major features in Payt as well as continuing to develop and improve the application.

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