10 years of Payt. What a great journey it has been - Herman Hiddema, Developer

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10 years of Payt. What a great journey it has been. As a co-founder, I have experienced it all. From the literal attic room to the main sponsorship of FC Groningen, and from the first few customers to a company that sees millions of invoices worth billions of euros pass through its systems every month for thousands of customers. And of course I am quite proud of that.

As a programmer from day one, I have certainly left my mark on the application and on the company, Payt. What matters most to me is that we have always put people first. Employees are given the space to be themselves and to develop. We strive to ensure that everyone has a pleasant balance between work and life. Stress is unhealthy, so we avoid overworking and deadlines. We regularly do fun activities together such as bouldering, petanque, a beer tasting, or a game night. All of this makes Payt a wonderful company to work for, where everyone goes to work with joy.

And that is also reflected in the quality of the application. People are given time to do their work well, instead of rushing it. We take the time to build the software well, and we take the time to help customers well, and that pays off in very loyal and satisfied customers. We take the time to build the software well, and we take the time to help customers properly, which results in very loyal and satisfied customers. Customers are not brushed off or given half-hearted answers at Payt; we do our best to genuinely help them. That’s a source of pride and provides a lot of satisfaction.

What I also like is that a large part of the staff participates in the company. Whether it is a large or a small amount, people feel like co-owners and are also involved in the financial aspects of the company. This adds an extra layer of connection, a shared identity that makes people truly feel like a part of something beautiful.

All in all, I can say that Payt is the most wonderful company I have ever worked for. Cool product, great colleagues, an amazing atmosphere. We have achieved wonderful things in 10 years, and I hope that in the next 10 years, we will achieve even more amazing things.

Herman Hiddema
Written by Herman Hiddema LinkedIn profile
Herman is a co-founder and developer from the very beginning. As the very first employee of Payt, he laid the foundation for Payt's software. Even after 10 years, he continues to set the direction for the backend of our platform.

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