Credit management: discover the ease of automation with Payt

Personalise your debtor management whilst improving the efficiency

Are you dealing with a large number of late or even unpaid invoices? Do you also find it difficult to maintain communication with your debtors about such invoices? You are not alone; many companies run into these problems and discover that their cash flow is at risk.

Fortunately, Payt has a tailor-made solution for all these problems. Our smart software automates your debtor process, without ignoring the importance of personal contact. Faster payments while maintaining personal contact with your debtors; it is possible with Payt.

In recent years, more than 10,000 organisations joined us. Convince yourself and discover the added value of our credit management software for your company, free of charge for the first month.

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Payt’s credit management software automates the debtor process of your organisation. You have an overview of the outstanding balance at a glance, in which phase a customer is and for which invoices action is required. This gives you control over your debtor management.
Payt automatically reminds your customers of outstanding invoices. In this way, the debtor management software leaves you with time for personal attention and more important matters. The automatic process also provides room for personal contact and dialogue with your debtors.
A consistent process is essential for better payment behavior. Payt’s debtor management software brings structure to your debtor process. This leads to faster payments, resulting in better cash flow.

50% less time spent, 30% faster paid

With Payt’s credit management software you automatically and consistently remind your debtors of outstanding invoices. There is no longer any need to call back, which means you spend up to 50% less time on the debtor process. At the same time, a consistent process ensures that your customers know exactly when they will receive an invoice or reminder. That ensures faster payments. Sometimes up to 30%! You also keep control of a process. Pause, stop or offer a payment scheme? That is also possible in the credit management software of Payt!

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Insight into your debtor management with our software

Payt’s credit management software automates your debtor process, from the first invoice to the last reminder. You will regain control of your debtor management and have overview and insight. You can see at a glance what the outstanding balance is, what phase of the process a customer is in and which invoices still require action. In our debtor management software it is also possible to print management reports or to transfer a complete file, including all communication, to a bailiff or lawyer.
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Credit management software while maintaining personal contact

Payt’s credit management software provides structure in your communication about invoices and payments with your debtors. Consistent invoice reminders and continuous communication provide more clarity to your customers. Does your customer still have a question or comment about the invoice? In Payt’s credit management software you can enter into a dialogue with your customer at invoice level. Your customer can leave comments and you can respond directly. This way you can solve questions and reasons why the invoice has not yet been paid.
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