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Business credit
A business loan makes it easier for companies to cover business expenses. In addition, there are various forms of business loans to consider.
Cash flow management software
Cash flow management software provides the opportunity to get an optimal grip on the cash flow of your company. In this wiki we will show you how to do it.
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Cash Flow Software
On this wiki page we will inform about the concept of cash flow software. What is cashflow software? And what are the advantages of the cash flow management software of Payt? Read it on our wiki page.
Credit control software
Credit control software is a perfect tool to optimize the financial management of your company. Your company's financial situation comprises many elements, ranging from accounts receivable management to streamlining incoming and outgoing cash flows. How can you improve and strengthen this position? We will explain it on this wiki page.
Credit management process
The credit management process is a process that provides insight into the outstanding payments of customers, among other things. This insight is of utmost importance because it immediately shows the liquidity or cash flow of your company. In this wiki we will show you how to optimise the credit management process.
Freelance factoring 2.0
Freelance factoring 2.0 takes invoice financing to a higher level. Payt provides an alternative form of financing through its debtor management software. What is it? And why would you use it? We will explain it on this wiki-page.
Invoice requirements
What are the invoice requirements? We list all the requirements for you. Read it here.
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Managing debtor risk
Manage debtor risk for a healthy financial future of your business. What is it, what types are there, and how do you mitigate it?
Optimise credit control strategy
It is important for every company to optimise the size of its working capital. A good cash flow and liquidity can be realised by improving the credit control strategy. In this wiki page you can read how to do it.
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Optimise your working capital
Optimise your working capital with handy tips and calculations. Find out what healthy working capital is and how to improve it with Payt!