What is invoicing?

What is invoicing?

Invoicing encompasses the process related to sending multiple invoices. When you, as a business owner, have provided a service, you send an invoice to the debtor for that service. The same applies when you sell a product to another company that receives the bill. By invoicing, we mean the modern way of billing that saves time and facilitates faster payments.

Purpose of Invoicing

The purpose of invoicing is, of course, to get paid for the invoices. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen automatically, so you not only spend time manually sending invoices but also sending reminders or making calls to debtors. This can consume more time than you realize, time that could be better spent on your business. We have a solution for this with modern invoicing: automating the invoicing process.

Automating Invoicing

Automating invoicing is straightforward with accounting software. Payt takes care of this because we have integrations with the largest accounting software packages. Think of integrations that connect with more than six hundred online accounting software packages. Payt automatically and daily retrieves relevant information from your accounting program. The follow-up is consistent, including regular reminders to debtors who have not yet paid. Once an invoice is paid, our software closes the outstanding invoice.

Save Time and Get Paid Faster

Automation saves you time with this smart and efficient approach to debtor management. Payt ensures that you can easily communicate with a debtor regarding a bill, which leads to faster payment. The invoicing process is entirely automated, both for sending invoices and reminders.

Optimal Customer Relationship Management

There is an option to set up a payment plan so that you don’t have to start the debt collection process immediately if payment is delayed. This way, you can maintain a better customer relationship. Our debtor management software also provides the ability to gain extensive insight into all outstanding invoices. This way, you always know the financial status of your company.

Try It for Free for 30 Days

Would you like to experience the benefits of our smart debtor management software? Then take advantage of a free trial period of thirty days with no obligations. You’ll quickly notice that debtor management takes much less time. Moreover, our debtor management and invoicing software are user-friendly. You don’t need in-depth accounting knowledge to use it.

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