Main industries in which Payt is operating

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Photo from above of an accountant doing work on his computer
A healthy cash flow and liquidity is important for the continuity of your business. With the Payt application you can make sure that invoices are paid up to 30% quicker than before
Photo of a car in a showroom
The automotive industry has to deal with a large amount of (different) invoices every month, automatic direct debits that cannot be debited, and invoices that are outstanding after a long period of time
Child playing with toys at the childcare
Direct debits that are reversed or parents who pay too late, issues the childcare industry is dealing with. Our software for accounts receivable management offers various options created explicitly for the childcare industry
Woman smiling with her teeth exposed
Dental care industry
Let Payt completely or partially unburden you and get your invoices paid faster and easier. You will have more time for your patients and benefit from Payt accounts receivable management software
Classroom with students working on their laptops
Students are very important for the education sector. For this reason, our smart automation software has various options that are very effective and efficient for this industry
A smartly dressed man calling and drinking coffee behind his laptop
Employment sector
In the temporary and secondment sector, invoices are on average open for more than 8 tot 12 weeks. With our automation software, you can considerably shorten the term of outstanding invoices
Rubbish dump with recycled materials
Recycling industry
A range of services and a variety of debtors with different wishes for receipt and payment of invoices. At Payt, we are fully aware of the challenges of the recycling industry
Photo of a warehouse
A large amount of (different) invoices every month, outstanding invoices that are paid too late, or not paid at all. These are issues the wholesale industry is dealing with every month
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