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What employment agency Feel Flex (former Koflexwerk) and Payt have in common? Both companies invest in personal contact with the customer. This is also bearing fruit at Feel Flex. The employment agency has grown considerably since 2014, which is reflected in the increasing number of invoices. In 2016, the company opted for a partnership with Payt. Alexander Mols, Employee Financial Administration at Feel Flex, talks about the collaboration

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Growth in matches; more invoices

Feel Flex is building the right connection between flex worker and client. “We distinguish ourselves through our personal way of working. Flex workers feel free to drop by to have a coffee. We are involved in finding the right match, but after placement we stay in touch, ”says Mols. Something that Feel Flex recognises by the collaboration with Payt. The contact with the people of Payt and the helpfulness really appeals to Mols.

Feel Flex has grown considerably since 2014. “In addition to our head office in Veghel, we have opened branches in Leidschendam, Zaandam, Amersfoort and Best. We place many people in the technical sector. But we also help administrative and production workers to find a job. We mediate for unskilled to academic staff. In addition to jobs, we also support flex workers in obtaining training and certificates, ”explains Mols.

No need to worry about invoices

“We deal with various clients, which means we have many different invoices. Before we had Payt, it was a day’s work for our employees to keep everything running smoothly, ”says Mols. “Payt’s automation software was a relief to us. The software has taken a lot of work. Reminders and reminders are sent automatically. Our employees just have to check it. I notice that I spend less and less time on the software myself. You are going to rely on the software. ” Payt unburdens the employees of Feel Flex in the financial administration. This way they can continue to focus on finding the right matches.

Of course it is very nice to be able to rely on Payt’s software. But it can also be a disadvantage, says Mols:

“I trust Payt so much that I once forgot to double check whether a customer should receive a reminder. Actually, this should not have gone out at all, because we had made another appointment. Fortunately, this customer understood and it was resolved with one phone call. ”

Customers pay faster

By using Payt’s automatic follow up, Feel Flex has noticed that the payment behavior of various customers has improved. “In the beginning, customers, like our employees, had to get used to it. Suddenly they received an email with a payment reminder from Payt. While most customers were used to receiving a call from us, ”says Mols. “Nevertheless, our customers also see the positive side. Due to the effectiveness of the software, we have all the necessary information at hand. In the past, customers sometimes lost an invoice. Nowadays they can find all this online. Not only useful for us, but also very useful for the customer. ” Feel Flex notices that customers often pay soon after the last reminder. This warning is very effective.

“Customers who want to pay do pay. Customers who often pay late, now pay faster with Payt’s software. Payment behavior differs greatly per customer, but generally customers pay the invoice within one week. ”

Mols: “At first, Payt was a strange duck among our employees. Nobody knew the software. But now everyone is very happy! The software provides structure and it is very easy to use. Much more user-friendly than the accounting packages we used before. We also like the fact that our customers can communicate with us via Payt and vice versa. ”

If Mols should change the software? “All reports go through the Payt platform. Now I always have my mailbox open, but the Payt platform is not always. I would therefore find it useful to receive notifications in my mail. For example, I know more quickly whether I should call a customer. ” All in all, Mols is positive about the developments by Payt. The employees of Feel Flex can in any case again invest all the time in finding the right match and contact afterwards.

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