Happy accountants at Afier due to liquidity improvements and better payment behaviour thanks to Payt

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“People before numbers. That is the distinctive character of Afier and will always remain so.” Marc Oegema is one of the founders and owners of Afier Accountants from Tynaarlo. The personal aspect always takes priority in their services; also and precisely in the search for smart tools and software. It is the reason for Oegema that they have chosen Payt.

Unstructured and irregular

Before the accountancy firm used Payt, they struggled with their credit management. That may sound strange for an accounting firm, but it is easy to explain. “Afier Accountants really stands next to the entrepreneur; we actually do a bit of business with them. We commit ourselves as a partner to our client’s organisation. But as a result, our account often ends up at the bottom of the pile if things go a little less well with a company. We understand that, but our chimney must also continue to smoke. Moreover, it did not help that our debtor process depended on one person. We reminded our debtors of outstanding invoices on an irregular basis. The accountant’s account may then have the least priority; an unstructured debtor process is certainly not beneficial to payment behavior."

Better payment behavior while maintaining personal contact

Payt turned out to be the perfect solution for Afier Accountants.

“Through Payt, we now send our reminders at set times. The software helps us to structure our debtor process, while maintaining personal contact. We now signal it even faster if an invoice causes problems and then personally contact the relevant debtor. Then we agree, for example, that the amount is paid in installments. We can also easily set up such a payment arrangement in the Payt software. Thanks to Payt, we can actually put our distinctive character into practice even better,” says Oegema enthusiastically.

Small in size, big in services

Afier Accountants was established in 2005, when four colleagues decided that they wanted to do it differently. At that time there were three people on the payroll. Although the Afierists, as they call themselves, have experienced rapid growth, the accounting firm is a relatively small player in the Netherlands. This makes it all the more admirable that the company is one of the few companies to have an AFM (Dutch Authority of Financial Markets) license. With such a permit, an accounting firm may conduct audits of companies that are required to do so. These are companies that have a turnover of 12 million or more. “It takes a lot of effort to keep up with the laws and regulations of the AFM,” explains Marc. “Many accountancy firms therefore drop out, but we see this as a challenge. We are quite proud that we are one of the 289 offices in the Netherlands with such a permit. At the end of 2006 there were more than 700!"

It should be clear: Afier Accountants serves its customers with high-quality services and a personal approach.

“That is why we use Payt and that is why we also recommend the service to our customers. Payt ensures, also with our customers, a structured debtor process and better payment behavior of their customers. The software facilitates entrepreneurs in communicating with debtors. As a result, liquidity improves and that makes us happy as accountants. ”


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