Cash flow management software

Cash flow management software provides the opportunity to get an optimal grip on the cash flows in your company. For example, do you have a concrete and up-to-date insight into the incoming and outgoing cash flows? Using cash flow software is an ideal solution for this and offers many other advantages. For example, to manage payment processes in an efficient and fast manner. 

Cash flow management software for financial stability

Cash flow software automates various processes that would otherwise take up a lot of work and time. The automated process is also the basis for creating financial stability and preventing cash flow problems. The details are even visible down to invoice level and the cash flow management software can be fully tailored to your business operations. With cash flow software, you get access to a dashboard to produce financial reports and gain full insight, among other things.

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Automating operations

The management of money flows within companies sometimes leaves much to be desired, with all its consequences. For example, when it comes to getting invoices from debtors paid. If no payments are made, it takes time to call the debtor or to send reminders. The process can be simplified by using a cash management tool or accounts receivable software

Cash flow management

However, managing cash flow goes beyond ensuring that debtors meet their payment obligations. Cash flow management software therefore provides comprehensive insights, such as a better understanding of the cause of late payments. Using the data that cash flow software has to offer, it is also possible to make forecasts. It goes without saying that automating these activities has many advantages. It is possible to optimise the cash flow in an efficient manner and gain more control over the Days Sales Outstanding.

Improve cash position

Your company’s cash position can be improved if you use our software to monitor your cash flow. When using this software, it is no longer necessary to work with Excel sheets as a time-consuming tool, where the chance of errors is also very high. Our software makes it possible, among other things, to determine when a payment arrives. This also provides direct insight into the outstanding balance and in which period of the invoicing process the debtor is in. Through cash allocation, you can improve the cash flow of your company and keep your business healthy.

Integrations with accounting software

Our software can be easily integrated with accounting software. The system automatically sees which invoices require follow up and which method should be used. The software automatically sends reminders to customers for outstanding invoices, giving you full control over your accounts receivable management.

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