A solution for a constant cash flow during (and after) the Corona crisis

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Due to the Corona crisis, a positive cash flow takes on extra importance for the health of your company or organisation. In addition, it is important that you keep good relationships with your customers intact by staying in touch, so that customers remain customers. With Payt you can take care of both.

Payment scheme for cash flow

With Payt’s debtor management platform you can, in addition to strict follow up of invoices, offer a payment arrangement to customers. You have the opportunity to contact the customer or debtor directly so that you proactively give him or her the opportunity to pay later. For example, you can agree that repayments will be made on a weekly or monthly basis so that your cash flow and liquidity are kept at the best possible level. As long as the payment scheme is active, no regular reminders or reminders will be sent to the debtor.

A win-win situation for your customer relationship

In this way - thanks to a payment arrangement - a win-win situation is created. You make an arrangement with the debtor that works best for him or her. Together you determine the amount to be repaid and when: weekly or monthly? This situation is beneficial for both parties because money does come your way - which is good for the cash flow - and through the contact, and offering a solution, you strengthen the customer relationship. This is beneficial for the survival of your debtor and of yourself!

Especially in these times, it is important to have smart solutions that maintain your liquidity. Do you need a consultation about how to maintain cash flow and liquidity with Payt? Click on the button below and request a non-binding (online) conversation. We are happy to assist you.

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