Offset your CO2 emissions with Payt: A green step forward!

At Payt, we believe in the responsibility we bear for our impact on the environment. We see the consequences of our negative contribution to the environment almost daily in the news. In a time where environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important, we make it possible to offset the CO2 impact of using our software. Curious about how you can make a green contribution? Then read on!

How does it work at Payt? 

At Payt, we have calculated the CO2 emissions when using our software based on monthly averages of three parameters: 1) the number of invoices; 2) the number of emails, and 3) the number of letters you send monthly through our platform. If you activate the CO2 offset module, the three parameters are already filled in based on usage in the past month. You will also immediately see what the monthly contribution will be based on those numbers.

Trees for All 

We have carefully searched for an organisation that aligns with our green vision. From many organisations that remove CO2 from the air, we have chosen a Dutch organisation: Trees for All. With your contribution, this organisation plants trees in multiple locations worldwide, both domestically and internationally. We realize that we do not have the solution to the problem. At the same time, every little bit helps to reduce our impact on the world.


How to participate? 

As a Payt customer, you can contribute to a greener world. You can easily find the CO2 offset module in your account under ‘Settings - Modules’. When you activate the module, we will charge an amount on your monthly invoice and transfer this amount to Trees for All. We would like to thank you in advance for your involvement in creating a more sustainable future.

At Payt, we not only strive for efficiency but also for a positive impact on the world. Together with our customers, we make the world greener, step by step.

The CO2 offset module is optional when using Payt software.

Sander Kamstra
Written by Sander Kamstra LinkedIn profile
Sander Kamstra is director and one of the founders of Payt. He is an entrepreneur in heart and soul. He likes to work with people who are just as driven as he is to achieve success by setting the right priorities and making smart choices.

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