An automated process that always does its job, even when NVBIT has no time for it

As the owner, Nando did the accounts receivable management himself, manually. A process which was far from ideal. With Payt, he succeeded in automating the accounts receivable management and reducing the outstanding debts list.

An automated process for accounts receivable management that always does its job, even when we have no time for it- Nando van Beek, founder and owner NVBIT


Besides being brothers, Nando (right on the picture) and Stijn van Beek (left on the picture) also work together in the company that Nando founded in 2007.

While studying computer science, Nando started the IT company NVBIT. He was looking for someone to support him with the administrative tasks of the company. Stijn, who was studying law at the time, was the perfect candidate to combine this job with his studies. “The part-time job that started as one day a week has now grown to five days a week in the role of operations manager and project manager,” says Nando.

The IT company from Alkmaar (the Netherlands) is an MSP (Managed Service Provider) that helps organisations with the digitisation of business processes, but also with the transition to the cloud, security and the modern workplace (Microsoft 365). 

Working together as brothers

Nando: “The cooperation as family/brothers works well. It’s easier to talk to each other about things (on both sides), but you also immediately trust each other. Something that with other new colleagues would take years before you’re on the same level.”

Nando and Stijn definitely recommend the collaboration between siblings. “Of course, you have to like each other and be able to work together. If that’s not the case you probably don’t even think about it. And of course, it’s great to be able to work together as brothers.

Everything manually

“Before we worked with Payt, I, as the owner, did the accounts receivable management myself. Whenever I had the time, I would manually go through the customers’ open items list and send them an email. To follow up on this first reminder, a few weeks later I looked in my sent items to see which customers I had reminded and if they had paid in the meantime. If necessary, I then sent them a second reminder. A process that is far from ideal, of course. 

In addition, I had stopped using direct debits. This went via our bank and had to be done manually because the bank had no link to our accounting programme. It was all very cumbersome and it cost more work than it delivered.”

Reducing open items list

In February 2019, they started to work with Payt. “The goal was to automate accounts receivable management and reduce that open post list.” A better experience and communication with customers was also a wish of NVBIT. “In addition, we found it important to activate the direct debit again, Payt fortunately had a link for that.”

Almost nothing to worry about

Since the use of Payt, NVBIT has almost no worries about accounts receivable management. Only the excesses. “We went from 0 to 64 direct debits (customers) per month. And we no longer spend time on reminders and follow ups of outstanding invoices. “An automated process for accounts receivable management that always does its job, even when we have no time.” Stijn: “Our customers have an overview and can see everything themselves. Through the portal, customers can view and respond to their invoices. In addition, Payt allows you to add unlimited users, so we can give everyone in the company access to Payt. This way, we can always see what colleagues have discussed with the customer. The internal comments are also very handy as a reminder for yourself.”

Whether we can do without Payt? No, of course not! It makes everything so much easier, I would recommend it to anyone.


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