Payt made life much easier for Njoy and for the parents

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Everyone is up; colleagues and parents

Whoever lives in Rotterdam or Zoetermeer (or in the vicinity thereof) and can and wants to benefit from the conveniences of childcare, is at the right place with Njoy, as the GGD inspection report shows. The childcare company has three branches: two daycare centers, one in Zoetermeer, one in Rotterdam, and an out-of-school care (BSO) in Rotterdam. In total, almost 200 children are taken care of each month, spread over the three locations, so it is conceivable that a large amount of invoices must be sent at the end of each month. “An average of around 300 a month,” says Vermeulen.

Coat rack for children at Njoy daycare

“Moreover, no account is the same, so invoicing is a time-consuming job. At least it used to be. Initially, the switch to Payt in April 2018 did cause concern to some parents. Whilst the vast majority responded positively, there were parents who were cautious. Their worry was they would lose personal contact. They were used to calling the office directly if they had a question about or an issue with an invoice. However, that was at the beginning and I am certain that all parents find Payt’s software a much easier and faster way to manage their invoices.”

Makes life easier

The choice for Payt was when the opportunity arose quickly. Vermeulen: “I am always looking for things that make life easier at home and in the workplace, for myself and for others. When I saw that our former financial administrator had a full time job just with invoicing and debt management, I started looking for a solution.” He discovered Payt and, after further investigation, concluded that Payt’s smart software could alleviate a lot of time pressure in financial administration.

After an introduction and demonstration by Payt it was clear to me: this solution would make life much easier for Njoy and for the parents. When Payt indicated that they could also link our planning system (Child Planner) to their software, they fulfilled my main wish. Whilst it was a bespoke solution for Payt, they implemented it very quickly. Everything was arranged in two weeks."

Improved payment behavior

Njoy has now been working with Payt for 16 months to full satisfaction: “The collaboration is pleasant: if something needs to be resolved or adjusted, someone from Payt will be on hand. Thanks to the link with Kindplanner and our financial administration system, life has become easier for us and the parents."

“Also nice: the payment behavior of the fathers and mothers has improved considerably”, says Vermeulen. According to him, this is due to offering payment via iDEAL, and because credit management with Payt’s software is much more consistent, including the sending of payment reminders. “You can leave that to an employee, but if he works three days a week or is regularly sick, then it is impossible to consistently manage your debtors.” Payt made that possible, leaving Njoy only one or two cases per year to the collection agency to send. Vermeulen: “I also notice that we still benefit every day and therefore also enjoy the conveniences of Payt. In other words: we Njoy Payt a lot.”


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