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Around 3,500 Mobility Service cars drive on Dutch roads every day. The business leasing company from Eelde helps its customers find an appropriate mobility solution; from full operational lease and net operational lease to buying a complete fleet. “Flexibility is typical for Mobility Service, in the services we offer as well as customer support” says Inge Mier, Financial and Operational Director. “If a customer asks if we can have a car ready that afternoon, we will do our best to deliver.”

Everything flex

The leasing company is doing well in the flex sector. That is because companies can just as easily enter into a short lease as a long lease, explains Inge. Many of their customers have a mixed workforce. Such a company wants a long lease contract for permanent employees, but a short lease contract for temporary staff. Not every lease company offers that option, which means that Mobility Service is doing well in the flex industry. They can count many secondment agencies among their clientele.

Mobility Service being a forward-thinking leasing company is not only apparent from their services. The company was one of Payt’s first customers. “Although I did not work for Mobility Service at the time, I do know that Payt played an important role in optimising our credit management,” says Inge. Previously, the company did everything manually. Once every few weeks, they printed out the debtor list and called anyone who had not paid the invoice within the payment period.

“Given our large customer base, you can imagine that debtor management was a big mess. Payt has ensured considerable work savings and has brought structure to our credit management. We now send our invoices and reminders fully automated and at fixed times.”

Transparent and clear

The financial director, who previously worked in accountancy, was positively surprised by Payt. She says: “When I started working at Mobility Service, my colleagues had been working with Payt software for a year. Payt makes credit management very transparent: you can see exactly when the last action was taken and what the customer-specific follow up action will be." Thanks to Payt everything runs very smoothly. Payt’s internal note-taking function helps greatly with this; here you can directly see whether a colleague has been in contact with a customer and what has been agreed. “Moreover, it is nice for me personally that you also build up a complete file of communication with the debtor,” says Inge. If a customer does not pay the invoice and ends up in the final phase, the case will be brought to the attention of the financial and operational director.

“It helps me enormously that you can see exactly what happened in Payt, when was the last contact and whether someone has read their messages. A debtor can therefore not rely on the fact that he has not received the correspondence; we can see that exactly.”

The online collection process of Payt, which customers can use as a follow up to the debtor process, is not yet widely used by Mobility Service. Inge: “It is difficult for us if we end up in such a situation. Our customers pay in advance. Before the new invoice lands in the inbox, the previous invoice must be paid. If that is not the case and we end up in a collection process, we will also take other measures, such as reclaiming the car. That is of course not what we want; you prefer to continue the contract. For us, a collection process means the end of the customer relationship."

1000 debtors, 10 hours a week

In addition to a structured debtor process, both internal and external at Mobility Service, implementing Payt has also resulted in significant time savings. Inge says about this: “My colleagues are needed just two hours a day with credit management, that is 10 hours a week. Considering that we have more than 1000 customers, it is not a lot given the fact that we still call our customers relatively often. The last reminder is always less friendly. We have chosen this ourselves, but at Mobility Service we find the customer relationship enormously important. That is why they always call their debtors when the last reminder is sent to the customer. More often than not, unwillingness is not the cause of an invoice not being paid and there may be some legitimate reason why a customer is not paying. In these cases, they want to find out the reason for a missed payment. “But if we didn’t do this and just let Payt’s software run its course, credit management would take even less time.”

Perfect for accountants

Because of her background, Inge Mier has many connections in the accountancy sector.

“In this world too, I see it happen so often that people are too busy with their business to actively go after their debtors and get their invoices paid. Because Payt continues in the background, you no longer have to worry about your invoices and reminders. If you look at it yourself once in a while, that’s more than enough. I therefore always recommend Payt to my (former) colleague accountants.”


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