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“Just after we visit them, our customers go on a Big Five safari in Uganda, view the underwater world of Thailand or roam the bush bush of Sumatra. Paying an invoice for vaccinations is not always front of mind.”

Marco van Drielen is Finance and Control Manager at Home Vaccination, an organisation that provides travel vaccinations at home. The organisation has been using Payt since the beginning of 2017. Since then there has been more contact with the customer, invoices are paid faster and fewer claims end up with a collection agency.

Big savings and better communication

Up to and including 2016, Home Vaccination used factoring. “We paid administration costs for each invoice and also a substantial amount of interest, because we wanted to receive the money after two weeks instead of the usual two months. Because we grew considerably every year, the costs for our credit management increased enormously,” says Marco. The company came into contact with Payt through their accountant Phidra and was immediately enthusiastic. Not only because Payt realised a considerable saving, but also because communication with customers improved considerably.

Two employees of Home Vaccination talking at the headquarters

Fully digital

Previously, Home Vaccination used a factoring company for its invoicing. This company takes the entire billing process out of your hands, pays all outstanding invoices within 14 days and takes care of the collection of outstanding invoices from customers. That way you are always assured of payment as an organisation. A major disadvantage, however, was that the factoring company sent the invoices and reminders by post.

“But after vaccination, our customers usually travel immediately, which means they miss communication by mail. Not really a warm welcome, if the claim of Home Vaccination is already at the collection agency on returning home," says Marco.

How different it is now that the company’s customers receive their invoices via email and can pay online with one click. If the invoice is not paid within the payment term, then Home Vaccination will send a reminder via Payt at set times. “No fewer than three. My colleagues can see if a customer has opened the mail. If we see that this is not the case, we will just call to check whether we have the correct email address," Marco explains. Is the invoice not paid despite several reminders? Then the customer will receive a number of opportunities to pay by email, text message, telephone and mail through the online collection process of Payt. “If a customer is willing to pay, the claim never has to lead to a judicial collection process”, said Marco.

Payment arrangement

In addition to the streamlined process, Home Vaccination by Payt is also better able to maintain contact with its customers. “Invoices are often viewed in the evening or at the weekend. If a customer has a question, he or she can ask it via Payt, so that we can pick it up immediately the next morning. The question is related to the invoice, so you immediately know what it is about. And if a customer is short of cash - or if he is among the gorillas in Uganda - and is therefore unable to pay, then we are quite willing to pause the claim or make an arrangement,” says Marco. “But we have to know. With Payt, it has become a lot easier to notify.”

Another advantage, Marco believes, is that all correspondence about the invoice is collected in one file. “This way you can easily find what has been said and agreed in the past. If the time comes that the claim ends in a judicial collection process, you can download the entire file with one click. Ideal!” Thanks to Payt, Home Vaccination has control over their credit management. “You have had some injections from us and yes: you have to pay for that. Payt ensures that this actually happens. And if it doesn’t happen, the customer is automatically reminded. No more and no less."


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