Cash flow and customer experience improvements at Health2Work

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“The most heard excuse in our accounts receivable department was that a debtor had lost the invoice.” Heine de Bruin is co-owner and managing of Health2Work, one of the largest players in the field of ergonomics in the Netherlands - and, since 2017, also in Belgium. “Since we began using Payt, our customers have access to their invoices 24/7.”

Heine de Bruin behind his computer

Ergonomics experts

Health2Work provides healthy and efficient working environments for their customers. They do this by advising organisations on ergonomics and by providing appropriate ergonomic solutions. “The working environment has a considerable impact on job satisfaction. We create a working environment where employees have plenty of energy to perform optimally", says Heine de Bruin. “Clarity and no nonsense are what characterise our services: a man a man, a word a word. We listen to the needs of our customers and offer targeted solutions. Thanks to Payt, we can also deliver on that promise in our debtor process.”

Debtor process is part of the customer journey

Health2Work has been using Payt since 2015. “Our debtor process was not going well,” says Heine when we ask him about his choice for Payt.

“The work was done manually which is simply more prone to errors than an automated process. No matter how well my colleagues did their work, the process stagnated too often and invoices were not paid on time. That influenced our cash flow.”

But what Heine finds just as important is the experience of his customers. The debtor process is part of the customer journey. They do our utmost in the preliminary phase to serve customers as well as possible, but the service level ‘at the back’ was not in order and not good for the customer experience.

When Health2Work came into contact with Payt, it was soon clear to the director that the software was going to solve a large part of their ‘struggles’.

“After Payt was implemented, the situation vastly improved. Cash flow improved and communication with debtors suddenly went smoothly and in a structured way. Since we use Payt, customers never have to wait for a copy of an invoice or phone call. Instead, they can log in to the Payt environment themselves. Moreover, they know exactly what they can expect from us: from the first invoice to the final reminder, our process is clear, honest and perfectly streamlined.”

Getting used to it

Of course, for my colleagues in the administration department, it took a little time getting used to automated credit management. Although they retained complete control, it still felt as if they were relinquishing it. I understand that, but my motto is: if you always do what you did, you also get what you always got. That which we did was not enough. Because of the process improvements, Health2Work was able to save half a salary on credit management and this time was invested into other tasks. Fortunately, Heine’s colleagues soon saw the benefits of Payt. “They suddenly had time for other administrative matters. Moreover, Payt had made an extensive implementation plan, so that the link with our accounting program Exact went smoothly and we were able to transfer our credit management in no time. The support from Payt during the implementation was excellent."


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