SME factoring 2.0

Payt takes SME factoring 2.0 to the next level. The partnership between Payt, Floryn and New10 makes it possible to pre-finance invoices within one day. If you use Payt debtor software, a single push of the button is enough.

What is factoring?

Factoring gives you the opportunity to pre-finance invoices. In other words, based on outstanding invoices you can get funding from a factoring company to receive payment of the invoice amount. No longer does your business depend on the moment debtors make a payment.

2.0 makes the difference

SME factoring 2.0 enables you to pre-finance outstanding invoices at a low interest rate. A flexible credit facility, for example, in the form of an amount determined on the basis of invoices receivable. Several options are available, either working capital financing or revolving credit.

Why use factoring as SME

There are different advantages to the use of SME factoring 2.0. The first one is that you never have to wait for the payment of debtors to have additional working capital at your disposal. The money has been received in advance by means of pre-financing and can be used immediately.

Optimal cash flow

SME factoring 2.0 enables you to benefit from an optimal cash flow since the money to which your company is entitled is instantly at your disposal through pre-financing. Funds received from invoices are immediately available through pre-financing, making them available to your company as working capital.

Expanding financial possibilities

SME factoring 2.0 quite simply offers an extension of your company’s financial capabilities and can be considered an efficient form of alternative financing. Furthermore, this method of invoice financing allows you to retain full control over your debtor management. Usually, a scarcity of financial resources has a negative impact on growth plans. If you decide to use SME factoring 2.0, this will be a thing of the past, as you will be able to expand your financial possibilities.

Advantages of Payt factoring

The advantages of SME factoring 2.0 are evident, and on top of that are the advantages of Payt invoice financing. By teaming up with Floryn and New10, you will reap additional benefits through debtor management software.

Easy to request

Pre-financing of invoices is easily requested. Payt software makes doing so possible at any time with the delivery of the annual accounts, company overviews and additions and deductions. 

Selection and calculation

You will be presented with a calculation of the offer via the debtor management software. If you meet the requirements, your debtor financing offer will be confirmed quickly. In fact, it can be arranged within a day. 

Reasonable interest rate and flexible repayment and withdrawal

The attractive interest rate is another advantage of SME factoring 2.0 from Payt. In addition, you will benefit from the possibility to repay the credit at any time or continue to withdraw up to the amount of the limit.

Sander Kamstra
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Sander Kamstra is director and one of the founders of Payt. He is an entrepreneur in heart and soul. He likes to work with people who are just as driven as he is to achieve success by setting the right priorities and making smart choices.

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