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The convenience of factoring, but without the disadvantages for you and your patient

Payt offers you an economical and friendly alternative to factoring. Payt not only supports the handling of the invoice to the patient, but can also provide automated clearing through Vecozo. Return messages from insurers are automatically converted into patient invoices and you only need to take action in case of content-related rejections. The patient invoices are sent from your practice with your logo, equipped with an iDEAL payment button and QR code. Patients immediately recognise that the invoice comes from your practice and can pay easily and quickly. This significantly improves their payment behaviour. Automated where possible, personal where necessary.

The advantages of the link between Salusys and Payt

Faster payments from patients

By using Payt, you will get paid 60% faster compared to factoring. Due to smart automation, you will get your money paid considerably faster. The automatic addition of an iDEAL payment button and QR code to your invoice and receiving payments directly to your account are the reasons for this.

Communication from your own practice

Your patients have access to their own invoice file (an overview of all invoices). From here, they can enter into dialogue with you at invoice level. Deal with questions and uncertainties quickly and efficiently and focus on the patient relationship.

Significant time and cost savings

Have you outsource your accounts receivable management to a factoring company? Save up to 80% on your annual factoring costs. We will be happy to calculate with you how much money you can save! Do you manage your accounts receivable yourself? With automated and personalised credit management, you spend less time on the follow up process and receive payments much faster and easier.

About the method of linking Salusys with Payt

To connect your Salusys administration, we use a factoring file (mz301), actually similar to the way you would deliver your declarations to a factoring company. Based on this file, we generate the invoices with the logo of your practice and the patients will also directly transfer the money to your bank account (through an iDEAL payment button or QR code in the email or through their own invoice file). If the patient has not paid within the stipulated payment period, Payt will automatically follow up on this. Of course, the debiting of the payments is also nicely automated, which means that you hardly have any work to do. Thanks to this link, you get paid much faster, with less work, fewer costs and more control.

About Salusys 

Salusys supports you in the broadest sense of the word: your business processes are easily accessible, whether you have one branch or are part of a chain: Salusys is fully scalable and grows seamlessly with the developments within your organisation.

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